Booking & Payment

Please note for the K2K 3 Day Hike we require a minimum booking of four people or a minimum charge of $2000 for the catered option or $1200 for the non-catered option applies. There is no minimum numbers for the 1 & 2 day walk options.

Dietary requirements – we are more than happy to cater for any dietary requirements, however due to the extra costs incurred catering for gluten and diary-free we do need to charge a $10 per day surcharge to cover gluten & diary-free meals. No surcharge applies for vegetarian meals.

Your second night will be spent at the rustic Dill Farm Hut, nestled amongst native bush beside the picturesque Pinui Creek, a tributary leading to the Hoteo River.

The original farm was bought by Marcus Gordon Dill who immigrated to New Zealand in 1878, the only son of Dr. John Dill and wife Emma Billings from Manchester. After spending some time in Wanganui working for a survey party Marcus was invited up to Warkworth for Christmas.

There he met his friends sister who subsequently became his wife. It is where your accommodation will be that Marcus with two other locals claimed their 75 acre allotments.

You will be able to imagine what their lives might have been like as they lived in a small cabin clearing bush from the steep hills.

The track winds up the Kaipara Hills through exotic and native bush, emerging into pasturelands flanked by regenerating native bush.

Walkers spend the night before the start of their journey relaxing and preparing at the Mataia homestead in rural Glorit. Vehicles can be safely parked at the Homestead for the duration of the walk.

There are 2 huts one for dining and a 2 room accommodation hut with bunks for 10 people. The hot shower, Eco toilet and BBQ with gas burners and rotisserie will be the only modern items that will remind you that you haven’t travelled back in time.