The People

The K2K walk is the creation of Clare & Steve Dill and Shane & Jenny Hood.

Jenny & Shane Hood

Jenny and Shane Hood manage part of the coastal Manaia Properties farm, of which Jenny is the 6th generation of her family to farm the land.

Jenny has a background in marketing and communications. Shane hails from the village of Kaipara Flats and has an engineering and manufacturing background. The couple returned to Jenny’s family farm to complete the restoration of the family homestead and take over part of the family farm in 2007.

Both Jenny and Shane are passionate about conservation and self sufficiency. Shane has a keen interest in New Zealand's birds and our unique biodiversity and is highly involved in the restoration of the Mataia conservation block. They met through K2K business partner Stephen Dill and married at the homestead in 2008.

They now have two young daughters, Ella (3) and Olivia (15 months), who are the 7th Generation of the Gardner family to grow up on the Mataia farm.

Clare & Stephen Dill

Steve has grown up on the Dill Farm, he is the 5th generation Dill on the land. He attended agricultural college in Masterton for a year before shepherding on Mataia.

Steve and Clare met at the Kowhai festival in Warkworth in 2004. Clare grew up in the Waikato but attended a year of school in her home country of Wales. Clare has a Bachelor of Communications from the University of Waikato, where she first met Jenny.

Steve and Clare now live in Steve’s grandfather’s house and have started an extensive renovation project. They are both keen travellers but have put further plans for travel on hold due to the arrival of their daughter Keelin.

They both share the goal to farm and live in a financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable manner. They are focused on adding diversity to the family business by encompassing both agriculture and tourism—building the farm into a robust business.