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Tourist Attractions in New Zealand

It is a name associated with kiwi birds and haka dance. More often than not, people mention this name on their bucket lists. Hearing it will probably remind you of the peaceful Shire region of Middle-earth. However, New Zealand is not a place for those who shunt their dreams. It is neither a place of stereotypes. New Zealand is a country full of life and diversity. These lands hold an open door for all of you who want to taste life at its fullest.

Fascinating picture

There are not many places in the world where man was given to see a more fascinating picture. Tall, volcanic mountains merge with vast plains. Grassy fields are waving in the soft breeze. Beautiful sandy beaches shape the islands’ contour. Lakes filled with clear water are turned blue by the sky. Caves await to be explored by the more curious and braver of travellers. The southernmost part of the islands shelters old and gorgeous glaciers. One can’t be but overwhelmed by this wide variety of landforms.


Maybe you would like to visit these lands blessed with beauty, but the lack a proper planning holds you back. Where should I go first? What are the must-sees? What exactly should I prepare myself for? These are some of the questions that you may be asking yourself. It is only natural, no matter how much experience you have in travelling. Hopefully, this article may help you lay the basis for your holiday plan.

Whether you are an experienced traveller or a passionate tourist, New Zealand has something for everybody. For adrenaline junkies, there are plenty of places where they can get a taste of adventure. Waitomo Caves, Lake Wanaka and Lake Taupo are the perfect locations for backpacking, caving and rafting as well as parachuting. Or maybe you are seeking an urban adventure - and I’m not talking about http://www.camplace.com. If that is the case, you should definitely travel to Auckland. Get the experience of your life and go bungee jumping from the Sky Tower, 220 meters above the street level. For those of you who are more temperate, there are the Kaipara Hills, located in the northernmost part of the country.

Local services offer a wide variety of activities such as journeys through deep forests and steep meadows. In case walking is not for you, then you should probably try riding a horse through the grasslands. There are not many things as magical as exploring these sights on the back of a horse. The local charm is composed by breath taking sceneries ruled and forged by nature. A keen photographer can’t help it but spend hours taking beautiful pictures after beautiful pictures. These landscapes are meant to melt even the harshest of hearts..

There is a saying: we travel not to escape life but to escape us. The land of kiwi is where to escape from the dull and the ordinary. Rafting, parachuting, and backpacking, these things make your life fuller and richer. And there is nowhere else a better place to enjoy them but in the New Zealand islands.